Six Quick Landscaping Tips From The Pros in Sydney

It is amazing how much a well-manicured lawn or garden can change your home appearance. It is not just good for the eyes but for the overall health as well. With a little research and creativity, you can transform their driveway without spending a fortune. Here are some tips that will guide you in your quest of landscaping in Sydney, Australia.


a professional female landscaper checking a plant pot in her backyard in SydneyUse what you have

If you already have a wooden fence, paint it. If you have an old truck wheel, use it.

Landscaping is as simple as transforming what you have to beautiful features. Keep your grass watered and green and utilize corners with berms and bushes.


Select the Right PlantsCamellia (Camellia Japonica)

If you want your lawn to look appealing all year long, it is important to choose plants and flowers that look good no matter which season it is. Keep in mind the climate of Sydney while picking your plants. Having different species and types of plants can help too.

This way you will have them blooming at different times. Go for plants that are easy to plant and maintain. With a little watering, light and pruning, a good plant should remain beautiful and not die.



Create Edges

Since a natural landscape is mostly in straight lines, create curved edges to add some style. You can do this in the garden on the sidewalk and around the house. These curves will have to be corrected every now and then but they are worth it.


Use Artificial Landscaping Products

paved patio
While traditional landscaping meant well-tendered plants and flowers, today we have many options. These are just a few of the products you can put around in your lawn and your garden to have maximum appeal:


  • Lighting – put some attractive lights along your lawn. LED lights are the best option and if possible, look for solar lights that will be charged by the sun. Focus on using different colors of bulbs that will reflect well on your plants.


  • Patio Stones – these are small but well-shaped rocks that are lined along your lawn or around your garden. These stones are then painted with a beautiful color preferably white. Patio stones provide not just curb appeal, but protection for your plants too.


  • Flag Stones – these are similar to patio stones but serve better around the garden.


  • Flower Pots – you can have several plants in decorated flower pots placed all along the lawn. Hanging flower pots will also give a beautiful appeal if you do it strategically.



Integrate a Water Featurewater fountain in the backyard

A water feature adds excellent appeal to any area if done doesn’t have to be a waterfall, even a simple tap or fish pond will do. Surround it with rocks matching the color of your house and all the attention will go to it.


Set up a Patio

Set up a small square or round table with a few chairs around it for outside sitting. This patio should be placed under a tree for shade and appeal. For maximum effect, paint the seats and the table with matching colors of the house.


Bottom line

At first thought, landscaping in Sydney might seem pretty easy. But this is not always the case. In some cases, you might want to consider consulting professional landscapers, who have the right equipment to test the soil PH, as well as computer programs and expertise to enhance their job.

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