How To Be A Successful Waterer And Maintain A Beautiful Landscape

You are a very busy person and you don’t get enough time to water your plants. This is an excuse made by many landscape owners in Australia who wish to have a pretty landscape but they are not willing to put effort into it. If you are also the same then you need to change now.


woman watering plants in her garden


Here we can tell you how to be a good waterer because your plants will literally die without your watering efforts.


  1. Take a Walk

One of the simplest things every good waterer does is to take a walk in the landscaped area to see which plants are more vulnerable to sunlight and which are doing fine. This gives you an idea on which plants need more water and which of these can do without water for a day or two.

Take this walk after work every day and you will get the added benefit of relieving some of the stress you accumulated through the day.


  1. Feel It

Sometimes the dry plants do not show signs that they need more water from a distance. You have to make the effort and touch the soil of the plants so that you can know which plants need more water. It would also be smart to get an idea of what type of soil do you have, is it dry, sandy, moist or soft.

If it is dry and sandy, you need to enhance the watering process and if it is too soft or wet, you need to cut back on the watering some.


  1. Don’t overdo it

Overdoing the watering process is not a good idea. If you have got some plants that need to be watered every day, it would be wise to water them very lightly for a long period of time so that the soil can absorb the water.

If you just pour in water buckets and think you are done, you might be making a mistake as water will not be absorbed but it will run off.


  1. Water More During Summers

Plants become drier in the summers because they sweat too. No, not like humans but the plants have tiny pores called as stomata that dot the surface of the plant. These stomata help the plant to get rid of extra water through a process called transpiration in which up to 97 or 99 percent of water absorbed by plants is evaporated.

There is more transpiration during the summer nights so you need to water them regularly and often in the summers.


  1. Know the Plants

The easiest way to keep your plants well watered is to know what the plants like. Some plants may like dry soil while others may prefer moist soils. The information regarding the soil preferred by each plant is easily available on the internet.

Look it up to know how much water is needed by which plant and act accordingly to be an awesome waterer.


If you follow these steps, you will not only be the owner of a wonderful landscape in which all the plants are in the full bloom but your life would be better. Most people find watering the plants to be a process that soothes their minds and helps them to get rid of some tensions in life.

It also assists people to unwind after a long day and people often see it as a necessary part of their lives rather than a chore that needs to be done.