Live Plant FAQ

Live Plant FAQ

Kickstart your garden with healthy, disease and pest-free transplants.

Our premium quality plants are grown in a temperature, humidity, and atmospherically controlled environment ensuring healthy and vigorous plant development in its early stages. We ship plants, each in premium organic compost mixture, pre-hardened and ready for transplant. Live plants are guaranteed non-GMO, untreated, disease and pest free. Our pots are 100% biodegradable, natural, and made from composted manure that will actually feed your plant as it breaks down.

The ultimate soil

We practice biodynamic farming and use the highest quality soils and compost which include ingredients like peat moss, coco fiber, and perlite for optimal water management. Organic nutrients such as earthworm castings and bat guano, fish bone meal, kelp meal, and alfalfa meal. In addition, we add beneficial bacteria and trace minerals. From seed to transplant our plants grow in the best soil and fed the best organic nutrients.


We grow year-round

We offer many popular varieties year-round. Some varieties may take 4-8 weeks to ship and are generally available throughout the growing season. If the variety is offered as a live plant, the option will appear on the product information page and will generally ship by zone, unless otherwise noted. If there is a particular variety you would like us to grow, please contact us.

No minimum order

All of our vegetable plants are sold by the 2-pack, and do not require a minimum order.

Are live plants more expensive than seed?

For mid-sized and smaller gardens, live plants are an excellent choice. Save time and money by having us germinate and prepare your plants for transplant directly into your garden. This process usually takes 4-8 weeks and you save on seed cost, water, soil, fertilizer, electricity, and all other costs associated with starting plants from seed. Certainly if you have a large garden or field you wish to cultivate, the more economical choice would be sowing your own seeds.

How do you ship live plants?

We take extreme care when it comes to growing, packaging, and shipping our plants. Most varieties are shipped between 4-8 inches tall, in a 3-inch or larger container, including organic compost and slow-release organic fertilizer. Each plant is prepared to retain soil and moisture throughout shipping. We recommend letting plants adjust for a few days in a room temperature environment with lots of light.

What if my plants arrive damaged?

Our plants are shipped directly from our hands to your garden and do not sit in large warehouses or home centers. Although we pre-harden and thoroughly water before shipping, large temperature changes and the stress of shipment can damage or kill a plant. It is normal for plants to arrive wilted with dry soil, and in need of watering. If after a day or two the plant does not recover, we will gladly replace it or credit the item to your account.